Submodules module

This module provides a highlevel layer for reading and writing config files. There must be a file called “config.ini” in the root-folder of the project. The file has to be of the following structure to be imported correctly.

The filestructure is like:

[SectionName] Option1 = value1 Option2 = value2[source]

Create data root path, if necessary, key)[source]

returns the value of a given key of a given section of the main config file. :param section: the section. :type section: str. :param key: the key. :type key: str. :returns: the value which will be casted to float, int or boolean. if no cast is successfull, the raw string will be returned.[source]

Get root dir of data which is located in parent directory of package directory[source] module module module module, loglevel=10)[source]

Instantiate logger

  • log_dir (str) – Directory to save log, default: <package_dir>/../../logs/
  • loglevel – Loglevel

Return type:

instance of logger

Module contents